Nothing like the Sun

Freescoo is an innovative compact solar air conditioning system designed for ventilation, cooling, dehumidification and heating of buildings in residential and tertiary sectors.
Main feature of the system is compactness, since every component used for the operation is included in one casing. Solar heat is used to drive the cooling process for conditioning the space which the unit is connected with.
The invention is based on an original air handling process which guarantees the temperature and humidity control in the room. In addition, the system is designed to provide the air change in the conditioned space.
The electricity needed to drive the system is very low and it can be fulfilled by an integrated solar PV panel. In the wintertime system can provide heat to the room when the sun is shining.
Freescoo is a patented product by SOLARINVENT srl.



The basic idea of the freescoo concept has been experimented during the operation of some machines which were made for evaluating the performances and to verify the best technological solutions.