Which building set-up are required to install a freescoo unit?

It depends on the type of freescoo unit. For rooftop or air handling unit the following connections are required: supply and return air channels, water and power supply, heat source (solar or other) and a drain. For the freescoo compact facade unit no channels are required but supply and return grills will be positioned on the wall.

Can I use freescoo also to heat buildings?

Yes. When the sun shines, free solar heat will be delivered to the building. If there is no sun, it could be necessary to integrate using an auxiliary heating source. But in any case, no other terminal unit is required for heating.

In addition to solar energy, can freescoo be powered by other power sources?

Yes. The system can be powered by heat pumps, gas boiler or waste heat. A temperature of 50-60°C will be sufficient for the operation of the unit.

How much energy saving does freescoo allow in comparison to conventional air conditioning systems?

From 60% to 90% depending on the type of air conditioning system replaced and on climatic conditions.

Where I can find freescoo?

freescoo isn’t distributed on the market yet. At the moment, we build customized units for specific applications according to the needs of our clients. For more information please contact us

Which volume can be conditioned by a freescoo unit?

With a freescoo rooftop or facade unit, a surface ranging from 20 to 30 m² can be conditioned, according to the type of building, climatic area, facing and other factor. In case of air handling units, large surfaces can be conditioned.

Can the system work in off grid mode?

Yes, the system can optionally incorporate a small photovoltaic system which allows to generate and accumulate the electricity required by the auxiliary components (fans, circulation pumps, valves).


Can freescoo provide cooling power after the sunset?

Yes, Freescoo has an internal energetic storage that allows to extend the operation for several hours after the sunset.

If I want to cover higher cooling demands, can I add more units in parallel configuration?

Yes, Freescoo is a modular concept. It can be configured to meet the specific cooling needs.