Freescoo Lampedusa

Freescoo Lampedusa

Installation of freescoo facade, a new compact air conditioning / ventilation  unit, for ENEA laboratories in Lampedusa, in the Grecale Lighthouse.

Within the agreement between the italian Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico and ENEA, it has been realized an interesting project to compare different technologies to prepare domestic hot water and air conditioning, regarding the energy efficiency in small islands not connected with the national grid.

The installed system is made by two solar evacuated tube collectors X-RAY 10 Pleion, together with a compact air conditioning / ventilation freescoo facade unit. The freescoo machine is installed on the East wall of the ENEA laboratory.

In freescoo facade, there are some improvements comparing to the other freescoo solutions:

  • smaller size, less weight, more compactness;
  • compatibility with conventional liquid solar collectors and/or other hot water sources;
  • easy handling, because the unit is made of two modules that can be moved by hand or with a pallet truck.