Solarinvent is an innovative start up created at the beginning of 2014.

Our business idea is focused on the developing and offering of efficient and low price air conditioning solutions fed by renewable energy sources.
Solarinvent goal is the development and diffusion on the market of freescoo system, of which owns IP license.

Our team it’s composed meanly of academic researchers with a mature experience on solar system for air conditioning application, system developers and figures having administrative, financial and legal functions.

Thanks to the experience of founders in solar cooling sector, Solarinvent has many scientific collaborations with national and international research institutes such as Polytechnic of Milan, ENEA – Italian National Agency for New Technologies Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, EURAC Bolzano, University of Palermo, CNR, Fraunhofer ISE Freiburg Germany, AIT Vienna Austria, CSIRO Australia.
The company is involved in the new TASK 53 IEA “New generation solar cooling & heating systems (PV or solar thermally driven systems)”, started in March of 2014.


Research and development


Freescoo born from several years of experience and research in the solar cooling field by Eng. Pietro Finocchiaro and Eng. Marco Beccali at Deim Department of the University of Palermo. After the founding of Solarinvent, the development of the idea was brought forward mainly within this society.

The system research and design activities conducted were aimed at overcoming limits known from the state of the art of the solar cooling technologies, related to low economic competitiveness and technological limitations of these systems.


Research projects


  • Research project ENEA – University of Palermo funded by MSE – Ricerca di Sistema Elettrico dal titolo “Test funzionali  ed  ottimizzazione  delle  performance  di  due  prototipi  di  condizionatore  d’aria compatti Solar DEC
  • Project ZERO-PLUS “Achieving near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements in Europe using Advanced Energy Technology” Innovation action – H2020-EE-2015-1-PPP started on October 2015
  • Project freescoo for AMEE –  Agence Marocaine pour l’Efficacité Energétique. In the framework of an international cooperation between AMEE and the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS), a freescoo Air Handling Unit has been installed at the library of AMEE in Marrakech in October 2016. The project is managed by the Italian University Politecnico di Milano and has been carried out with the collaboration of the company Pleion which delivered the solar evacuated tube collectors.