Oct 16

EuroSun 2018


EuroSun 2018 attracted a fair number of researchers and solar energy specialists from around the world. In all, 350 attended the event, which took place between 10 and 13 September at the HSR University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. Three organisations, namely ISES, Swissolar and the SPF Institute for Solar Technology, joined forces to prepare this 12th International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry.

Marco Beccali, Professor on Applied Physics and HVAC Systems at the University of Palermo’s Polytechnic School in Italy, presented intriguing figures from the monitoring of a freescoo unit which is being monitored at the research centre of ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, on Lampedusa Island, Italy.

Huge innovative potential for solar air conditioning;

Presentation of freescoo by Marco Beccali;

EuroSun 2018 official page.

Sep 20

IEA SHC Solar Academy Task 53 Webinar

This webinar will delve into the realm of New Generation Solar Cooling and Heating Systems (PV or solar thermally driven systems).

It’s organised by the Solar Academy of the IEA SHC Programme and hosted by ISES, the International Solar Energy Society.

Five experts will speak during the 1.5 hours webinar: Dr. Daniel Mugnier, Prof. Marco Beccali, Dr. Sonia Longo, Daniel Neyer and Dr. Chiara Dipasquale.

Nov 03

6th International Conference on Solar Air-Conditioning

From 23 to 25 of September 2015 in Rome, took place the “6th International Conference on Solar Air-Conditioning”, an important meeting for around 50 experts in Solar Cooling from all over the world, that join together the first day for the workshop “New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating Systems” and then, for the two-days conference.

The event was organized by the German company East-Bavarian Institute for Technology Transfer, OTTI, and offered several points of discussion around the chance to compete economically with conventional cooling solutions.

We also took part in the conference with freescoo and a contribution of Pietro Finocchiaro about “Energy performances and life cycle assessment of advanced solar DEC freescoo units”, as showed in this poster available for download (pdf, 4MB).

6th International Conference on Solar Air-Conditioning

6th International Conference on Solar Air-Conditioning

Sep 11

AICARR conference ENEA

The 4th of May 2015 freescoo has been presented during the AICARR conference in the principle headquarters of ENEA, Roma. Large number of positive feedback from specialists of air conditioning sector. Finally something of new and revolutionary!

Here you can download the article of ENEA press office. From this day citations on web increase exponentially!