EeB PPP Technology Brochures 2018


EeB PPP Technology Brochures 2018

ECTP has just issued the 2018 edition of the EeB PPP Promising Technologies Brochures that showcase successful technologies with a high market potential identified among the EeB PPP projects.
Freescoo is one of the 5 innovations selected for the HVAC & Lighting Solutions topic of this brochure.

This technology brochure highlights the highly promising innovations from selected co-funded European projects under the
7th Framework Program (FP7) and the 8th Framework Program (H2020).
The Energy-Efficient Buildings (EeB) Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a joint initiative of the European Commission (EC) and the Energy Efficient Buildings Committee of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP).
This initiative aims at promoting research on new methods and technologies to reduce the energy footprint and CO2 emissions related to new and retrofitted buildings across Europe.

2018 – EeB PPP Promising Technologies – HVAC and lighting;

EeB PPP Technology Brochures 2018 available online;

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